Changes in the banking landscape and impact on country specific strategy

Changes in the banking landscape and impact on country specific strategy

This paper deals with the formulation of a country-specific strategy for any banking company. How to identify the most challenging issues; understand the impact of recent economic and political trends on banking business in general. The paper gives a brief review of recent banking trends to focus on while devising the strategy and how to clarify the major competitive forces and main issues of the banking environment in the targeted country.

What is the current business challenge?

Due to the financial crisis, the banking landscape has gone through a radical transformation. Many of the large banks have been nationalized, are forced to downsize and spin-off activities, or disappeared from the market. Others need to rethink their business model and make it viable to sustain in the future. What are the challenges and opportunities for the smaller banks in this new competitive environment? How should the bank review its market positioning, product offering, and go to- market strategy in order to win in the long-term?

The Retail loan market is also a highly challenging environment where you have to gain an accelerating market share deciding to gain eligible risks and be very swift about it. Define retail credit communication approaches along with country-specific approach deliverables.

What is the goal of this project?

Country-Specific Strategy
  • Understand the new market complexity for banks in the country. Identify market opportunities and present potential strategic direction(s).
  • Review current market position and strategy
  • Document the current market and competitor landscape including the banks’ positioning, offerings, and strategy
  • Review product offering and identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Analyze the market for trade and commodity financing and identify opportunities within an international context
  • Provide recommendations with regard to go-to-market.
Retail Credit Communication Approaches
  • To develop a detailed understanding of the different approaches communicating with the various segmented retail credit customers
  • Screen different credit type
  • Review application channels
  • Define customer segments
  • Integrate and compare credit types, channels, and segments
  • Identify regulation and bank policy restrictions for credit communication
  • Benchmarking
  • Set methodology for the way forward

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