Fixed Asset Barcoding

Fixed Asset Barcoding

Physical assets are frequently out in the field for use; undergo repairs, sold, updated, removed or stolen. From purchase to disposal and all of the steps in between, an asset’s history can be easily traced and reviewed using an asset management system that utilizes asset tags or asset labels.

Once the asset is procured/ placed in service, the organization affixes asset tags with descriptive information such as asset number, expenditure code, asset description, cost center, and a bar code.

Bar Code Label Considerations

If you are thinking of using Bar Code labels to assist with your stock takes, there are some aspects to consider beforehand. You need to decide what style of bar code you will use. The style “Code3of 9” is popular and readable by most scanning devices. You will also need to consider the type of label media that best suits your company’s operations.

Type of Label Paper

Label paper ranges from tough metallic formats that are difficult to remove from assets to cheaper “Indestructible Vinyl” that is reasonably durable.

Type of Label Media

  • Tough Metallic Formats
  • Cheaper Indestructible Vinyl

Scanning Devices

You should decide how many scanning devices you will require if your operations are spread out between cities or states, or you may decide to send a single device around to various regions when it is their turn to perform an asset stock take.

Number of Scanning Devices

  • Single Device sent from HO
  • Multiple Devices at Prime Locations

Printing of Labels

You then need to consider the printing of the labels. There are many companies that will pre-print your labels with asset numbers for you. Alternatively, you may decide to purchase your own bar code printer and design a custom report in your FA system to print a range of numbers. A bar code is printed by sending a series of escape characters to a special printer, which decodes the escape characters and converts them to bar codes. It is easy to include your company name and the actual asset number on the label for further identification. The appropriate escape characters are usually listed and explained in the printer manuals. The following picture shows a reasonably simple, but effective bar code.

Style of Bar Code

  • Code 3of9 is readable by most devices
  • ERP Tailored

Printing of Labels

  • Buy Preprint Labels
  • Use Barcode Printer with Custom Software

Evaluation Factors:

  • Tag Suitability
  • Support Network
  • Standards Compliance
  • Solution Availability
  • Solution Flexibility
  • Solution Compatibility Solution Integration
  • Solution Scalability
  • Solution Cost
  • Vendor Partnership

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