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Business Process knowledge is conventionally acquired through experience of performing transactional or knowledge-based work. To comply with segregation of duties, exposure to most processes get fragmented to task or activity level. Thus often professionals lack wing-to-wing understanding of the entire business process. Further, business processes are often transformed, optimized, or reengineered to achieve world class productivity. This consequentially leads to rapid change in traditional operational job content and makes learning them a tedious job. TechnoFunc is designed to offer a quick path to learning by explaining concepts based on industry best practices.

Functional Skills

Business Processes & Industry Best Practices

What is functional knowledge?

By functional knowledge, we refer to the knowledge of business processes. Functional knowledge is the knowledge that can be included in different domains. Knowledge which may be efficient in every domain is called domain-independent knowledge or functional knowledge, for example – financial processes, order to cash processes, procure to pay processes. All of these processes share some common logics and fundamentals that remain true and valid for all domains, and this section is about understanding those fundamentals and standard business processes.

Why acquire functional knowledge?

Functional knowledge helps professionals understand how a company operates and what are the standard business processes. It talks about the best practices for particular areas. This understanding of the knowledge of business fundamentals helps executives to think strategically and then take appropriate business decisions. It adds to their ability to think and take timely and appropriate business decisions.

How TechnoFunc helps?

In this section, we are trying to provide tutorials to understand business processes that are fundamental to the development of strategic skills and good leadership and management skills in order for business executives to achieve effectiveness.

We are working very hard to keep the quality of the tutorials available here to be the best in their class. TechnoFunc is currently being offered as a free resource and being enhanced daily with new tutorials. If you like our efforts please do help us by recommending this website to your friends so that we can keep this knowledge base accessible to all for free. Please share the articles on your social network to spread the message.

Browse process specific tutorials by clicking on the image for the business process area of your interest. Click here to see the tutorials available for functional knowledge.

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